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12th English Ruk Jana Nahi Solved Paper 2024

Higher Secondary Exam, May - June - 2024 052,  Subject: English Time: 03 Hours                                                              ...

Higher Secondary Exam, May - June - 2024


Subject: English

Time: 03 Hours                                                                                                       Maximum Marks: 8 


  12 th English Ruk Jana Nahi Solved Paper - 2024


( Reading )

Q.1 Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below -                                               10

 Garbage is a great environmental hazard. It comes from various sources paper, tiffin packing, plastic bags, ice cream wrappers, bottle caps, fallen leaves from trees, and many more. Garbage makes the premises ugly, and unkempt, and breeds diseases. A lot of trash that is thrown away contains material that can be recycled and reused such as paper, metals, and glass which can be sent to the nearest recycling centre or disposed of by the junk dealer. It also contains organic matter such as leaves which can enrich soil fertility. A compost pit can be made conveniently where the refuse can be placed with layers of soil and an occasional sprinkling of water. This would help decomposition to make valuable fertilizer. This would also prevent pollution, usually caused by burning such organic waste.

Questions -

a) The main source of garbage in present conditions -

1. household things    2. plots and other materials        3. water and liquid                        4. plastic bags

Ans - 4. Plastic bags.

b) Leaves can enrich -------- fertility.

1. water                      2. soil                                           3. air                                             4 human body

Ans - 2. Soil.

c)  The noun form of the word,' recycled '

1. recycle                    2. recycling                                 3. recyclingly                               4. to recycled

Ans - 2. Recycling.

 d) Give the meaning of the,' nearest'

1. closest                    2. closely                                     3. far                                             4. far away

Ans - 1. Closest.

e) Give a great environmental hazard.

1. water pollution      2. air pollution                              3. garbage                                    4. all of these

Ans - 4. All of these.

f) Garbage makes premises-

1. clean                      2. beautiful                                   3. ugly                                           4. dry

Ans - 3. Ugly.

g) We can dispose of garbage to a -

1. grocer                    2. vendor                                      3. bookseller                                   4. junk dealer

Ans - 4. Junk dealer.

h) Garbage can be reused by -

1. re-selling              2. recycling                                   3. repairing                                   4. renovating

Ans - 2. Recycling.

i)  A ---------pit  can be made at a convenient location where the refuse can be placed.

1. compost                2. dust                                             3. water                                        4. plastic

Ans - 1. Compost.

j) Garbage makes the premises ugly, unkempt, and breeds-----

1. diseases                2. fruits                                         3. flowers                                      4. buds

Ans - 1. Diseases

Q.2 Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below.                                              4

In the modern world, honesty has lost its meaning. Wealth plays an important role in man's life today.  The value of money has gone high. Everyone wants to become rich without hard labour. He does not hesitate to adopt any means at all to become rich. But still, some people appreciate honesty. All religions lay down great strays on honesty. An honest man is always brave, he is not afraid of anybody, he is truthful, and is liked by everybody. On the other hand liar, greedy, and cunning people earn more money but they are not liked by the people. Honesty should be maintained everywhere at home, in school among friends, and even in the playground. An honest person always obeys the law so he is free from serious troubles. Honesty also gives rise to spiritual strength. So one take up any challenge with confidence. On the other hand, a dishonest person can never be sure of anything. He is always busy plotting, so he never gets peace. An honest man is rewarded with success. He is always appreciated. He gets love and respect from others.

Questions -

1. Make notes on the above passage in points.

2. Give a suitable title to the passage.

Ans -1

Notes -

1. In the modern world wealth is more important than the quality of Honesty.

2. Everyone wants to become rich by Hook or Crook.

3. Honesty is important in almost all the religions.

4. An honest man is brave, truthful, and liked by everybody.

5. Greedy people earn more but not liked by people.

6. Honesty leads to spirituality.

7. An honest person gets respect, love, and success.

Ans -2

Suitable Title to the above passage - " Honesty is the best policy.


( Writing)

Q.3 You are the cultural secretary of your school. Write an attractive notice giving information about the selection of two participants from your school to take part in the inner school debate competition.


 Design an attractive poster on the conservation of water.                                                               4

Ans - 


M.G.M. H. S. School, Khandwa.

Inter-School Debate Competition

Date - 28th May 2024

Time: 10.30 A. M

As you know all that inter-school debate competition is going to be held in our city next week, and for that, our school management has decided to send two candidates who will represent our school. To shortlist the suitable candidates, we have arranged a debate completion in our school auditorium tomorrow at 11.00 A.M. Those students who are interested must be present, and depending upon their performance, suitable students will be selected.

Cultural Secretary

Suyash Sharma

12th ( Com )

Q. 4 Write a letter to the superintendent of police about the nuisance of loudspeakers.


 Write a letter to your friend Raja informing him about your hostel life.                                 4

Ans -

15, Gulmohar Colony,


Date - 28th May 2024

To, The Superintendent of Police,

S.P. City Office,


Subject: An Application complaining about the nuisance of loudspeakers.

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I want to state that, I am a resident of Gulmohar Colony. It is a matter of great concern that in my colony, some unsocial elements are playing loudspeakers till late night hours without any reason, and they play vulgar songs, causing a great nuisance to the peace of the area. We, the students are not able to concentrate on our studies, as our exams are going on, old people and children are unable to sleep peacefully. When some residents requested them to stop, they behaved arrogantly and used abusive language.

Prior, to this, I have put a request to your office, but unfortunately, no legal action taken against them.

It is my humble request, that to take strict action against them, put a ban on the loudspeakers and restore the peace of the colony.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Anurag Solanki


Q.5 Write a paragraph in about 120 words on any one of the following topics

1. The importance of outdoor games.

2. Importance of newspapers in our life.

3. Environmental Pollution.

4. Yoga - A way of Life.                                                                                                                     4


You have witnessed a fire accident in the central market, Indore. Using the information in the output given below along with your own details write a report in about 150 – 200 words.

 Central market - a sensitive zone - godowns - shops and stores - plastic goods- short circuit- whole area engulfed by flames -windy evening- people pouring water buckets- fire brigade reached late-struggled through narrow lanes- fire men real heroes- a woman saved- 50 shops gutted- no loss of human life- loss of property in crores.

Ans -

4. Yoga - A way of life

Yoga, more than a physical practice, embodies a holistic lifestyle. Rooted in ancient traditions, it integrates mind, body, and spirit through postures, breath control, and meditation. By fostering physical health, mental clarity, and emotional balance, yoga cultivates overall well-being. Regular practice enhances flexibility, strength, and posture while reducing stress and anxiety. Beyond the mat, yoga promotes mindful living, encouraging self-awareness, compassion, and inner peace. Adopting yoga as a way of life transforms daily routines, fostering healthier habits and a deeper connection to oneself and others. Moreover, in modern life, Yoga plays a vital role in the well-being of the personality, because of cut-throat competition, increasing stress, and fast life. Just by practicing Yoga, one can stay fit, and healthy, physically as well as mentally.

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