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About our website

My prime goal is to inform people to maintain our mother EARTH's greenery. I am happy if I can inspire at least a single person, our thinking is that "The first step towards the path of success is the major step".
I also, make you aware of trending news and life-changing innovations, at the same time being an English language teacher, I am trying to write blogs on the topics such as explaining the lesson, summaries, different essays on important topics, and articles for the benefit of the students.
I also write blogs on lifestyle, the life stories of famous people, and how to live life with enjoyment and prevent boredom.

So, be part of our exciting journey.
Be a Reconcillians!
For sharing ideas and rectification of content Email us :
Be a part of our community, and get featured on my next post. I hope you will definitely like my posts and inspire me to write more interesting blogs for you, Thanking You!

About the Author

Warm greetings, my name is Sanjay Sonawane. I'm an INDIAN. I'm a teacher by profession and a blogger.
The first thought to start a blog came into my mind when I started seeing the imbalance in our environment in the past all the seasons come and go very accurately but now it's not. And I'm distraught about the same and thought of making people aware of it, if we unite ourselves we could do a lot for the wellness of our environment. And hence my journey started.

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