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Essay on Greta Thunberg

One initiative - Huge impact!  Earlier, I thought that today's youth do not care about climate change, but the world is ready and I prov...

One initiative - Huge impact! 

Earlier, I thought that today's youth do not care about climate change, but the world is ready and I proved to be wrong. - Greta Thunberg.

She portrayed herself as a human being getting destroyed by oil leakage, after the insistence of the British Newspaper "The Guardian " so as to show the increasingly dangerous effects of climate change.

Greta Thunberg who became an environmental activist at the mere teenage of 15 years, turned 18 years today, as she stated her forthcoming vision about climate change in her own words - It has been 3 years when I started to make the world aware of the disastrous effects of climate change. The world has changed a little bit but now I have completely changed my personality with a new mission and vision. Today I became 18 years old. I see myself as a growing individual about whom neither I nor my parents thought. I always used to be calm and quiet and tried to be myself.

In my childhood, I suffered from a disease called "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, selective mutism and autism", a personality disorder characterized by excessive orderliness, perfectionism, attention to detail, and a need for control in relating to others, but It was quite a relief for me when doctors found out because it helped me to realize that " why am I like this "?so I started going to autism school and grammar school. Then I left school and raised my voice against environmental disbalance and my parents who were against me, slowly started supporting me by which I gained confidence. My mother was an opera singer but staked her international carrier for the sake of my passion.

But luckily my disorder, Autism proved to be a superpower for me. I realized that one can give very well direction to this power provided if you have surrounded by the right people, situation, and vision. And I think, I am doing exactly the same thing. I don't think that I have lost my childhood but enjoyed it. I do have many hobbies like solving jigsaw puzzles, talking to friends. But being a teenager I like to do my job in a friendly way even though, connected with serious people.

I am not inspired by any political leader in the world because nobody surprised me. Now I have left my parents at home and I have only one mission and that is to see a " clean and pure world ".

-As she said in the interview.

Just before 3 years, the whole world was shaken by the short speech delivered by a little angel-like personality as" How dare you" and impact of her speech was so terrible that she was respectfully invited to participate in UN climate conference in New York and since she has been continuously indulged herself into different activities to protect the environment and create awareness in the masses. She is getting a huge response worldwide and definitely, she is going to create an environmental revolution. From her successful journey which will lead her to a " clean and pure world ", we can imagine what kind of single-handed efforts can make a huge difference. Here I cannot control my temptation to quote a famous "Hindi "proverb and that is, 

"Main akela chalta gaya, log milte gaye, aur karwan banta gaya." 

Meaning- I started alone, people joined me and it became karwan.

Karwan means - Group of desert travelers or people traveling together in one line.


  1. Very informative blog, really inspiring everyone should take such initiative as Greta.

  2. Very important thought to share about ... When we break our future goal of clean environment into short time goals which can be a week ,a day or a moment of doing good for environment.. avoiding the harmful and promoting eco-friendly..GO 💚 GREEN.